Who is the Successful Single Mom?

By Winona L. Thomas




Helen Keller stated, “ Your success and happiness lie in you”

Who is the successful single mother? Who would even fathom that a single mom could have success? My WHY, the Successful Single Mom Network and Foundation was birthed out of my struggles, my challenges, and my testimonies as a single mother. I am the mother of a 21 year old daughter. I wanted to create an organization where I could pour into and mentor single mothers who may feel there is no where to turn for help in raising their children as a single parent.

How do I define success? As a successful single mom, my success is not built upon society’s viewpoint of outer riches and glory. The success of a single mother comes from within. Before the birth of my daughter while she was still in the womb, I knew I wanted something different for her. For me, that meant I would need to establish a relationship with God in order to raise her up in a loving and stable home environment.

In my walk with God, I discovered to become a loving and nurturing mother, I was going to have to look within myself to allow God to help me find the love and nurturing characteristics that motherhood embodies. I needed God to heal me from within in order for me to walk in the capacity of love, nurturing, listening, and sacrificing that it would take for me to become the mother I wanted to be.

So mom’s a successful single mother may not necessarily be someone you will find on the cover of glamour magazine or on the hottest television show, but she will be the mother that has a made up mind raising her children in a loving and nurturing home environment is the most important job she will ever have!

What makes you a successful single mom? What has been some of the most inspirational moments for you as well as your children as a single mother? I would love to to hear from single mom’s, other’s peoples stories and testimonies help to inspire those who maybe looking for inspiration!

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