Successful Single Mom Network by Winona L. Thomas

How do you define success? For many of us success maybe defined differently. Many May define success according to the journey of where they are in their life.

As a single mother, success comes from within. I have learned to define my own success based on the struggles and the challenges I had to overcome as a single mother. Ultimately, success means that I am reaching back for other single mothers and pulling them up on the ladder of success. I want to to help other single moms look within themselves to find their own personal success stories in their journey as a single mother.

That’s what the Successful Single Mom Network is all about. I share my challenges, my victories, my wisdom to help single moms to allow their pain to become their purpose in starting a business, going back to school, or just wanting to live a healthier life physically and spiritually. The Successful Single Moms Network helps single moms to get to that place of emotional wellness so they can achieve what I call the 4B’s: balance, breathe, believe and breakthrough!

I want to share 7 life lessons I have learned as a single mother. I would love to hear your life lessons as a single mother. This will help other mothers find their inspiration so please share.

1. Single motherhood is not a setback.

2. Keep God first in your household.

3. Pick your battles with your children.

4. When you sacrifice for your children sake, God will reward you.

5. Communication is key, especially when they are going through preteen to teenagers.

6. Make time for yourself., put your self care routine on the calendar.

7. Find inspiration to keep you and your family going.

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